Why nation is divided on non-issues?

Disunity and differences on petty issues can be seen as the major cause of enslavement of the two million people of Gilgit-Baltistan. In almost all the national issues, we can see the people of the region at disarray. Even on the main constitutional issue, the people are not on the same page. If one section of society speaks in support of the constitutional rights the other considers it its main responsibility to oppose it tooth and nail. Read more about Why nation is divided on non-issues?


Brigadier(r) Hissam Ullah Baig

Constitutional Status for GB: Reality and Myths

Not downplaying the importance and the emotional appeal I look at this issue as follows: There would be a member from each of the districts in the national assembly and a maximum of two members in the senate. Read more about Constitutional Status for GB: Reality and Myths


Right Use of Vote Leads to a Better Future

Game theory’s strategies are going to be witnessed once again soon in GB as GB’s legislative assembly elections are going to be held in the upcoming months. Most of the candidates are the same and Pareto optimal strategy as usual is corruption and open bidding of voters. This time one more player is in the game; i.e. PTI being an emerging party in GB. But with the introduction of national health insurance scheme in 20 districts of the country including two districts of GB, PML-N has been successful in pulling crowd of the region toward itself. Read more about Right Use of Vote Leads to a Better Future


Every day we are faced with choices in our careers that will affect us over the long term. Should I volunteer for that new project? Should I ask for a raise? Should I take a sabbatical? Should I say yes to overtime?

But sometimes we miss the biggest choices that will cause us to look back on our careers 20 years from now with pride and contentment — or regret.

Here are some of the career choices we often make but will regret deeply in 20 years’ time:

Pretending to be something you’re not. Read more about 10 career choices you’ll regret in 20 years

Society Develops When We Treat Both Men and Women Equally

Female is the second pair of wheels of the vehicle which carries the society forward on the road towards progress and development with a pace fast enough to develop the society as per demand of the time. A defected pair very often causes accidents which sometimes proved to be fatal. So, in order to push the society forward, we need to make sure that both the pairs of the wheels are in the sound condition.



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Disunity and differences on petty...
Brigadier(r) Hissam Ullah Baig
Not downplaying the importance and the...
Game theory’s strategies are going to...
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