Naltar – Stuck between trekking anguishes and scenic bliss

The terrain was inclusive of barren and snow-capped mountains, forests, lakes, streams and narrow stone ridges. PHOTO: MARYAM ZAIDI Read more about Naltar – Stuck between trekking anguishes and scenic bliss


GB elections: what next?

The PML-N won, the PTI lost, the PPP got routed out and the MQM disintegrated. It has been an epic electoral battle for a symbolic province that produced an equally powerful symbolic election result. 
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Challenges for GB government

GILGIT-Baltistan (GB) is that forgotten corner of Pakistan which only catches the media’s attention when there is a natural disaster or an incident of terrorism. There is general confusion about the region’s status. Some consider it part of KP, while others place it in Kashmir, although the people of GB have neither linguistic nor ethnic connections with Kash­mir or Jammu. Even the Pakistan government appe­ars unsure about the status. Read more about Challenges for GB government


GB’s aspirations

GILGIT-BALTISTAN has spoken loud and clear. It has given an unambiguous mandate to the party ruling at the centre. This is no surprise as in the previous elections too the then-ruling PPP had mustered similar numbers.

The PPP had taken all three major legal initiatives (in 1974, 1994 and 2009) to improve governance in this area. Being the sole champion of popular causes, it had deep roots in local politics. Read more about GB’s aspirations


Property searching made easier – Revolutionizing Pakistan’s real estate sector

We have all come across the odd disgruntled real estate agent who is trying to strike a deal or the harassed-looking property owner who needs to find someone to sell her property to, and that too at a reasonable rate. We may have previously seen agents going door to door in high-potential areas in order to strike a deal, only to walk away disappointed when they realize that no one is interested in the property they are selling or no one is interested in giving them their listing. Read more about Property searching made easier – Revolutionizing Pakistan’s real estate sector



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